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How to access Nicenet


  1. Go to
  2. This will take you to the front page of the Nicenet site.

    Click on 'Join a Class' (near the top of the box).

  3. In the box where it says 'Class Key' type in the series of letters and numbers you have been given.
    - Don't worry about if it is upper or lower case
    - If you lose the class key, please contact Brenda Dalheim
    for a tipsheet with the class key.

    REMEMBER, this is a private discussion forum, the class key should not be given to people outside the class group.)

  4. Then click on 'Join the Class'

  5. The class you have just joined is called 472-697 Literacy Intervention Strategies.

  6. The FIRST TIME you access this site you must complete the form provided, so you can get a user name and password. It is important to remember these. So once you have decided on your username and password, please note down these details and put them in a 'safe place'.
  7. Then click on 'Join the Class!'

    IMPORTANT: For 'username', please use your first name and last name as this will be the name that shows up when you enter any future discussions. This is necessary so we can track 'who said what'. (This will then need to be repeated lower down in the same form).

    Also please note that this site can only be accessed by our group of students, as we are the only people with this class key.

  8. Type in your Username and Password and click on 'Log into the ICA'

  9. You are now in the Literacy Intervention Strategies discussion board.

  10. Click on the word Conferencing, in the list of links on the left-hand side of the screen.

  11. You will see a list of discussion topics. Click on a topic and join the discussion.


How to re-access Nicenet


  1. Go to
  2. Type in your username and password and click on 'Log into the ICA'
  3. You are in the Literacy Intervention Strategies discussion board.


How to use Nicenet

How to navigate the NICENET
Literacy Intervention Strategies discussion board site

Once you enter the NICENET Literacy Intervention Strategies site you will see some Navigation Links down the left-hand side of the screen.

You will be using the first six links:

Home- takes you back to the front page of this discussion board
(This link does NOT appear when you are on the home page)

Conferencing - a list of topics in the class discussion
Click on a topic and read the thread of discussion before adding your own response. This is the link you will use for the online tasks.

Link Sharing - links to other websites that relate to the topic under discussion

Documents - documents related to topics can be added here (However, they do not retain their formatting and tables etc… cannot be inserted.)

Class Schedule - a list of dates and times for online sessions if you want to participate in syncronous time

Class Members - a list of the current members in this discussion board group  

To join in the discussion

  1. Click on Conferencing on the left-side of the page.
  2. Click on the current topic.
  3. Read the thread of discussion.
  4. Click on Post Message to: or Reply
  5. Add your discussion
  6. Give your contributions a 'subject' eg. In response to Joe Bloggs or
  7. eg. What about the older reader? Etc…
  8. Type your contribution.
  9. REMEMBER to click on 'Post New Message'.
You can also visit the other links mentioned above and add to any of these areas.


  • If you want to make changes to a message you have posted, click on 'edit'
    (when you've made your changes, click on 'edit message')

  • If you want to delete your message, click on 'delete' to cancel the entire message.

To find out more about this sight click on Learn More About the ICA on the front page of the Nicenet site.

Enjoy the discussion.


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